As in December 2021, at Unicorn Ingredients we have continued our support of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) into 2022/3. Instead of gifts and Christmas cards for our business partners, Unicorn donated the money to the CCF to continue supporting its work.

At the beginning of 2022, the female dog Jenny was bought by the CCF in Germany and traveled to her new home Namibia in the summer of 2022. Here she grows up under the care of livestock guarding dog and small stock program manager Kalamo Flarty and gets to know life on a model farm.

Jenny is now over a year old and has grown up very quickly into a big, beautiful juvenile dog. She’s become one of the best working dogs at the model farm at the CCF centre in Namibia, and is so tightly bonded with her herd that she’ll only eat if she thinks that she’s going out with them for the day. This means that in order to get her to eat, they often have to trick her into thinking she’s going out even when she’s not! She’s still got the puppy attitude and energy, and is a sweet and playful dog.

Jane at CCF, said:

“I am going to Namibia in late May so it will be great to catch up with the team and meet Jenny along with the other new breeding dogs as well. As you know Jenny cannot start in the breeding programme until she is 2 but she is settling in well and enjoying her life at CCF. The other breeding dogs have already started as they mean to continue with about 20 puppies born in the last 2 months and more to come in the new year. These increased numbers along with our mongrel dog pilot project will allow us to place more dogs with farmers in 2023.

A huge thank you to everyone at Unicorn Ingredients for your ongoing support – it means the world to us!”

You can learn more about the important role that CCF’s Livestock Guarding Dogs play in conservation, here.

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