Unicorn Ingredients has had a strong relationship with Eastern Europe since the company’s conception 10 years ago.  The region is a primary source to a few of its lead products, including brown and golden linseed, sunflower and millet, to name a few. Primarily, the countries sourced from are Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria, as they offer a reliable and good quality supply base with a strong focus on continually improving consistency.

The region is important to Unicorn Ingredients for a variety of reasons, one of these being that it provides the company with a strong non-GMO supply chain, as well as a highly competitive supply base.

Eastern Europe utilises its niches extremely well and is almost at capacity with regards to edible seeds – with factors such as favourable weather conditions and growing and environment all helping to make the region paramount in the edible seed trade.

Unicorn Ingredients works with various suppliers across the region, depending on the exact needs, quality and requirements. The company’s main focus as always is on quality and supply chain reliability.

Since the conception of the business, Eastern Europe has been a key part of the Unicorn Ingredients portfolio and the company is looking forward to further developing its key relationships as well as forging new ones. It’s a region of opportunity with various developing markets, and the availability of information as newer generations come through will make it easier to operate at maximum efficiency.

The company is always open and looking to develop relationships with credible and reliable suppliers. Such suppliers need to be reliable, flexible, financially stable and have a strong focus on technical, quality control, business transparency, sustainable factories and infrastructure and a fair-trade ethic.

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