Australia is an important country to Unicorn due to its large scale production of its native seed, Poppy.  It is also an area of opportunity with the prospect of developing specialist honey, amongst other products, and we are exploring different avenues as to how we can make this work in the long term.

The region has vast potential to develop our portfolio and expand our business across Australia. The region offers a huge market for seeds and pulses – its population of almost 25 million people are on trend with regards to the latest health foods and are definitely a country that Unicorn is keen to work more and more with.

Unicorn puts quality over quantity and as a result over the past 10 years has worked at developing strong relationships with a few key suppliers. Primarily Unicorn is developing its poppy and honey lines whilst trying to explore all other possible avenues once the groundwork is in place and all parties are confident.

In the past Australia has attempted to produce Chia and Sesame, with varying levels of success. This is due to a variety of factors that affect the crop, mainly agricultural issues and drought which has resulted in large scale production struggling to get off the ground. Australia is currently experiencing drought conditions, and farmers are struggling (especially in New South Wales) with low water supply, failing crops and diminishing livestock feed.

At Unicorn we are always on the lookout for strategic suppliers and to expand into local markets though local knowledge, whilst offering a wealth of global experience of our own.  We relish the open and honest relationships we develop with our suppliers and we like to see our suppliers grow their business as we grow our own.

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