Jenny is enjoying her life as a livestock guarding dog at CCF

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Jenny is enjoying her life as a livestock guarding dog at CCF

The year, 2023, was again very turbulent in many respects and there were good and bad times. So here at Unicorn Ingredients we decided to do something positive again. It wasn't difficult for us to decide how best to do this. For the past two years we have made a Christmas donation to the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) instead of sending gifts and cards to our business partners and this year we have donated to the CCF again. It is very important to us to know that our donation goes exactly where it is needed.

In December 2021 we supported the purchase of a live stock guarding dog. To this day we are following the story of the dog Jenny and regularly receive new information about her.

At the beginning of December 2023 we received the latest update regarding Jenny. Calum, who looks after Jenny for the CCF in Namibia, said the following about her:

She looks great and is doing very well, she is an amazing working dog on the farm, probably one of the best there and keen to get out every day to be with and protect the herds.  So much so that she's known as an escape artist at CCF as she always wants to be out even when it's not her turn!

Not only does she work hard in protecting the herd, but she's a great Ambassador for the programme during educational visits from local Farmers and there are hopes that she will be entering the breeding programme next year and will be contributing puppies of her own that will go out to help future farmers in the field.

Review November 2023:

A few Unicorn Ingredients employees attended the CCF Fundraising Gala in London. At the Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Hotel there was the opportunity to learn more about the work of CCF. Laurie Marker, the founder of CCF plus their  Ambassadors Giles Clark (Conservationist and T.V. Presenter) and Sam Bird (Neom McLaren racing driver) were there. There was also a charity auction where, among other things, the exclusive naming rights for a rescued cub in Somaliland, a photograph by Jonathan & Angela Scott and exclusive naming rights for a live stock guarding puppy were auctioned.

Unicorn Ingredients secured the photograph by the Scott’s, which now decorates a meeting room in the Epsom office.

You can find further information about the CCF campaign and the opportunity to make a donation yourself at:

This year's Christmas donation supports the preservation of cheetahs in Somaliland. Here the population decreases by around 300 animals every year due to conflicts with farmers and illegal wildlife trade. The goal is to care for confiscated cheetah cubs and to finance Somali and international employees.