We are pleased to advise that we have made arrangements with Oblong Trees (UK) Ltd, to offset the carbon footprint of all our employees worldwide with respect to their working commitments. This means from when they leave home in the morning, to their return and any travel required to conduct their roles for Unicorn Ingredients Ltd. Plus the impact of our offices on carbon emissions.

We see this as an important step in our role as a supplier of natural ingredients to the food industry. We have embarked on a tree planting scheme, which is believed to be one of the best ways to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Each tree we plant will absorb 1mt of CO2 over a ten year growing cycle.

Our plan initially allows for:

  • 150 trees in UK
  • 750 trees for a reforesting project near Mount Kenya
  • 500 trees in Indonesia.

A total of 1400 trees, or 1400mt of CO2 over 10 years. This considerably exceeds our expected carbon output, and will be repeated annually, as we press to limit Unicorn’s impact on the planet whilst bringing seeds to your business.

Our next steps are to work with our suppliers & fright providers to reduce the impact of these services on the planet, through various measures and arrangements.

Oblong Trees 10-year plan

You can learn more about Oblong’s carbon offset scheme at: www.oblongtrees.com